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Surrogacy is rarely the first option for a couple confronting infertility. By the time couples consider a gestation carrier they have already been through years of fertility treatments and failed IVF procedures. Most couples have been financially as well as emotionally drained. A good agent can help Parents understand the total cost of surrogacy. And that includes financing options. Because of the number of people and services required in a surrogacy. Including the surrogate mother’s commitment and its advanced medical procedures and legal complexities. The surrogacy process can be expensive. While most families don’t have that kind of money lying around. Prospective intended parents should not be discouraged by the cost of surrogacy. There are many surrogacy financing options available to help make this path to parenthood a more affordable option. There are many paths to financing your surrogacy. With careful research and planning. You can discover which methods will work best for you. And your surrogacy goals will be within reach.