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Medical science has given the modern world so many blessings. People who always feared and mourned infertility have now surrogacy as their solution. it is the process in which IPs can get the womb of a surrogate mom. She is the one who carries the rainbow for those who have lost the hope of having their own naturally. As the process involves two levels of Parenthood, therefore, there are changes of post-process legal complications. Some people fear that the surrogate might claim the baby once it is out in the world. There are several other similar fears and apprehensions. The solution to all these problems is just one. That is signing a legal document. This legal contract basically is a mutual understanding between the surrogate and the IPs. When an IP decides for surrogacy he needs to reach out to the agency that is reliable and trustworthy. It is the job of the agency to find a surrogate and plan everything with her. The legal documentation is also the job of the agency. This surrogacy contact also includes all costs and prices. Legal documentation is of great importance for successful surrogacy.