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Well, you are absolutely right. IVF may work or may not. As a lot of it depends on whether the embryo will develop. If it does develop it will be able to grow in your uterus or not. All the assisted conception methods are expensive. Whether it is surrogacy or IVF. It was definitely a concern for me as well. As in my town every agency, I go to they are charging a high price. The insurance doesn’t cover the assisted conception procedures here. So I had to research as well. I did come to a clinic abroad. They are fairly inexpensive. They offer two packages which included VIP and economic packages. Also, I was extremely confused about which process to opt for. I was more concerned about which process will work for me as I wasn’t ready to go for IVF again and again if it didn’t work out in the first place. The doctors in the clinic invite you for your first consultation meeting in which they basically helped me sort this problem as well.