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Hi Dear, good to see you here. I’m so sad about you. You are childless but still spreading happiness, that’s great. Becoming a mother is the biggest desire of any woman. Having children is the biggest happiness in this world. My heartiest sympathies are with you. I think the major cause of your infertility is older age. Studies say that the lady’s eggs tend to lose their fertility with the passage of time. mostly at the age of 40+, there are rare chances for a woman to become a mother. Don’t lose heart dear as there are still some chances and hope. You can have everything and science have paved your way towards your goal. Surrogacy is a great blessing of nature. Infertile couples are taking benefit of it nowadays. Success rates in surrogacy are almost full. If you think that you have still some capability to be fertilized, then surrogacy is the best solution. Baby dust to you!