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Hey, You are making the right decision. I have a baby through surrogacy. I opted this when I was declared infertile. I was hopeful that I may have a baby through this. It proved me right that I took a right decision. I chose a clinic in Europe for it. I think it is safe to use such clinic which is reliable for surrogacy. Here few things should be kept in mind. For surrogacy, we should choose renown and reputed clinics. The clinics which can provide with healthy surrogates. It is necessary because she will then give birth to the healthy baby. Secondly prefer those clinics which are liable to provide the IPs all the rights and privileges to the baby so that the surrogate may not change her mind. There were my preferences and I found this in Europe. The baby born genetically belongs to the IPs. I am happy that I made a right decision. Hope this would help.