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I would be happy to answer questions. I know my view is that of 1 person. I hope that my view is valuable to help others think of all sides of surrogacy. The most important view should be that of the child who is the product of surrogacy.
To proposed parent’s:
When you consider surrogacy do you consider how what you may do could impact your kid to be?
On the off chance that you have a tyke from ts, do you intend to let him know/her how she was conceived?
How would you feel towards your surrogate mother?
Will you give your tyke a chance to meet/know their surrogate mother?
For customary surrogates:
Do you think how your tyke will feel is the result of surrogacy?
Do you cherish the tyke you convey?
Would you like to know the kid you convey?
Do you consider how your surro kid will feel that you got cash to convey him/her?
On the off chance that you could tell your surrogate kid anything you needed to what might it be?
I would be glad to answer questions. I know my view is that of 1 individual. I trust that my view is significant to help other people think about all sides of surrogacy. An essential view ought to be that of the youngster who is the result of surrogacy.