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    Apologies, I have no experience of surrogacy myself but I wanted to tell you about my best friend. She and her husband conceived their DD through IVF using his sperm and a donor egg. I know she was anxious at first and their DD does look very like her dad but honestly. She looks so like her mum too that even I forget sometimes how she was conceived. She is 4 now and has so many of her mum’s little quirks and mannerisms. Body language. Expressions and phrases. If you met them in the park. You would be hugely surprised to hear she came from a donor egg. So this is to encourage anyone who is going through surrogacy. Personally I am looking forward for that experience. But I have truly learnt at from others. I am afraid to go ahead in this journey of surrogacy. But looking around I get motivation. I have other friends who have successfully made it. So I hope as I encourage myself. Someone else is also getting encouraged.


    Wow! That really is so nice to hear. I mean, I never would’ve thought one could get the resemblance to the mother when donor eggs are used. Appearance by face or mannerisms! I’m so happy for your friend. It must be even more joyful for her. It’s tough enough as it is going through a time like this. Infertility is no little thing. But to not only get a daughter but actually, one that catches your quirks must feel amazing. I got my DD through surrogacy as well. The only difference is it was my own eggs and DH’s sperm. We’re so happy as well. Surrogacy has changed the lives of so many for the better. Wishing everyone all the best with it.


    This is a great thing to learn that how an IP is getting hope and happiness. I don’t know how to thank the medical science for its amazing contributions to our life. It has changed the thoughts and outlook about spending the life. I am really happy that your friend is ultimately going to get the happiness. She is lucky that she will be enjoying the blessings of the mother. This is an unbelievable match.I hope that everything stays fine.


    My friend is 16w twins from her 2nd round of IVF! It was a long, hard journey, but I’ve never seen her so much happier .She had a feeling it worked about 9 or so days after the transfer. She was a little more tired than usual and every once in a while, she’d get this weird light-headed feeling, and get a little dizzy. She probably would never have thought anything about it if I wasn’t looking for signs. The only other thing was that she usually got PMS symptoms about 5 days before her period was due (bad cramping, moody, bloating) and those symptoms never came. SHe cheated and took an HPT the night before she was due for her blood test, which I wouldn’t recommend! If it would’ve been negative, it would’ve been a long night! I know how hard it is to stay strong!


    Hey, I hope you are doing good. I am an experienced woman who has babies through surrogacy. It is hard to cope up with infertility. I had 3 miscarriages and after that, I was not able to conceive babies. I was so upset but didn’t lose hope. I chose surrogacy and asked my husband if he is willing. He was agreed and we went for it. I was so happy that I can be a mother now. I wnt to a reputed clinic and they provided us all the facilities. They provided me with a healthy surrogate. They took my egg as it was in good condition. They took my husband’s sperm too. The surrogate got pregnant in a week. After a long journey, I became a mother. I have a baby now and she genetically belongs to me.


    Hey Stormi, You name reminds me of the Kardashians;). Well, Surrogacy is carried out two ways, with one’s egg and other with the donor egg. Are you going to donor egg? Anyways, it doesn’t matters who’s the egg, its all about nurturing, love and compassion. Surrogacy doesn’t guarantee looks and mannerism will be alike. But yeah, the kid would be biologically yours. The rest depends on upbringing, how you bring her up. Surrogacy is totally safe and legal depending on the country you are perusing in.As the laws vary from country to country. Moreover, research before deciding a clinic. It should have great reviews, skilled doctors and equipped with advanced ART.Few tops which I considered while clinic hunting:). Hope this has helped.Good Luck!!


    Hey. It’s so great that they went for surrogacy. Reading about their daughter made me so happy. I have a daughter through surrogacy too. She also has the same habits as me! She was conceived using the same procedure. My husband’s sperm and a donor’s egg. The only thing that gives it away is that she has blonde hair and we have brown hair. Let me tell my surrogacy experience. We tried for a baby for 7 years. We even tried IVF once. It failed too. Then one day the doctor told me I need to get a hysterectomy. I lost all hope. Then we decided to try surrogacy. I wasn’t very hopeful at first. I kept thinking something will go wrong again. But luckily, we got our baby girl. You shouldn’t be afraid either.


    I would be happy to answer questions. I know my view is that of 1 person. I hope that my view is valuable to help others think of all sides of surrogacy. The most important view should be that of the child who is the product of surrogacy.
    To proposed parent’s:
    When you consider surrogacy do you consider how what you may do could impact your kid to be?
    On the off chance that you have a tyke from ts, do you intend to let him know/her how she was conceived?
    How would you feel towards your surrogate mother?
    Will you give your tyke a chance to meet/know their surrogate mother?
    For customary surrogates:
    Do you think how your tyke will feel is the result of surrogacy?
    Do you cherish the tyke you convey?
    Would you like to know the kid you convey?
    Do you consider how your surro kid will feel that you got cash to convey him/her?
    On the off chance that you could tell your surrogate kid anything you needed to what might it be?
    I would be glad to answer questions. I know my view is that of 1 individual. I trust that my view is significant to help other people think about all sides of surrogacy. An essential view ought to be that of the youngster who is the result of surrogacy.


    Your story is so beautiful! I hope I’ll share mine soon. I’m in a very beginning of my second surrogacy process. I was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis in the age of 17. I had 2 pregnancy terminations because of this disease. That was hard to survive this both physically and mentally. After unsuccessful surrogacy in Mexico and losing my 3rd baby I was going to give up. But my desire to have children is stronger. This time we’re using a reliable clinic. I hope our surrogacy journey will be successful this time.


    Few days ago I was so against surrogacy. My thinking was so negative and my head was full of misconceptions rumors etc. But thanks to all these forums and sites which changes my mind. I always get goosebumps by reading these stories that how hopeless women are getting babies and how there life is changing after surrogacy and it makes me regret my self that my thinking was against all this
    But the good thing is now my thinkings are good and positive.
    Moving towards your post I felt so amazed. These situations are not less than miracles 😍
    As the baby will be born from women egg and men sperm so there is definitely a chance that baby will be like his intended parents
    Give my hugs and kisses to her babies
    Thanks for posting your experience
    here it will definitely encourage others and will give hope to disheart couples


    Amazing! That truly is so pleasant to hear. That is to say, I never would’ve figured one could get the similarity to the mother when benefactor eggs are utilized. Appearance by face or peculiarities! I’m so upbeat for your companion. It must be much more cheerful for her. It’s sufficiently intense as it is experiencing a period like this. Barrenness is no easily overlooked detail. However, to get a girl as well as really, one that gets your idiosyncrasies must feel stunning. I got my DD through surrogacy also. The main contrast is it was my own particular eggs and DH’s sperm. We’re so glad also. Surrogacy has changed the lives of such a significant number of to improve things. Wanting everybody to enjoy all that life has to offer with it.


    there is nothing to apologize! you shared a great thought.
    For me, babies are babies they are a little world. no matter what they come. They filled every one lives with happiness. such little world filled up that empty space and feelings,
    this is what each one has to understand. That what sort of happiness we are looking for.
    there is nothing bad in doing either surrogacy or IVF.
    we are just making an effort to make our lives complete. and filled with love.
    Is it fine to suffer your whole life with that sort of emptiness?
    I would suggest each one who suffers infertility just show the world that you deserve this happiness.
    Good luck everyone.XX


    The use of donor eggs is becoming more common. Especially among women over 40. And the technique enjoys the highest success rate of all fertility procedures. Most egg donation is anonymous. But some couples prefer to know their egg donor and take legal steps to contract for the donation of the eggs. If the donor knows the couple. The donor may wish to receive updates once the child is born or may even request visits. An egg donor contract that explicitly spells out the terms of any future relationship should always be used. Even when the donor is a close friend or relative. If you decide to use donor eggs. Ask your fertility clinic if they have available donors that they have already screened. Because some clinics have long waiting lists. You may prefer to find a donor through one of many egg donor agencies and registries. I wish you all the best in your second trial. Baby dust.


    Hi, I hope you are best in your health. This is a great thing to learn that how to to get hope and happiness. I don’t know how to thank medical science. We should worry about the problem today but to find the solution to the problem. I am also infertile. I face miscarriage when I was 24 years old. That was the good experience for me. After surrogacy, I have 2 babies. I am very happy now surrogacy is hope for infertile people.

    Chloe Mag

    Hello. Its really beautiful. but unfortunately i am stuck. I am 32 years of age and infertile. I couldn’t conceive for 8 years and so decided for surrogacy. I contacted a well reputed clinic LOTUS clinic via mail. I wrote all my worries and situation but they didn’t reply back. Multiple tries but all failed. Couldn’t contact them on phone. I was so frustrated. I hate this kind of non professionalism. Please tell me any good international clinics. I will be very thankful.

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