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Hello Stormi, so nice of use. Hoping that you are doing good. Welcome to the forum and happy to know that you have opted this forum for discussion. It filled my heart with joy that you are going for surrogacy. Really, infertility is such a big problem nowadays. Harder is to fight and cope with it. In past, most of the infertile couples used to give up because they did not have any other option. Most of them died childless while others adopted a child. You are lucky that you have taken this decision in time. Hats off to you as you are going for surrogacy treatment. Though I have not gone through surrogacy treatment yet I gained a lot of knowledge due to continuous visiting different forums. You can also check success stories available at this forum. So, you may get some idea from there. Some of them have pointed out a prominent clinic which is offering unlimited tries of surrogacy treatment at an affordable price. Also, their environment is supportive and corporative too. I wish you very best of luck for any further procedure.