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Hi love, glad to see you here. your presence here has really filled me up with pleasure and hope. I always like those persons who continue sharing their problems with others. This is your greatness that due to your post many others will get their answers too. Well, as I think, infertility is the major issue that people of elder age are facing. It may be due to many reasons may be known or unknown. Mostly, eggs tend to lose their fertility with the passage of time. when a woman reaches the age more than 40 then it is always hard for them to conceive. Besides, at a very young age, ladies get involved in extensive intercourse due to which they use to take birth control pills. These pills can stop pregnancy at that time but also have some side effects which are responsible for infertility. Also, infertility may be occurring due to some accident or genetic disease. Science has suggested some meaningful solutions like surrogacy for such problems. Surrogacy involves a surrogate mother who carries intended parents’ child. success rates in surrogacy are also very high. Hence, I will suggest you go for surrogacy if you feel difficulty in conceiving. Best wishes!