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Hey! How are you doing?
Great to know that you are looking for surrogacy. Well! I have not been through this procedure till yet but I am looking forward to doing so.
I have been to so many forums with intentions of understanding this procedure and the cost structures. I often interact with women’s over the forum that went through this procedure.
So as long as my knowledge is concerned in back few days. It’s all about a contract based procedure.
The circumstances you are talking about often occur when you are not done with any contract initially.
If you are in valid fertility clinic than most probably they would offer you a contract initially if so happens to you than you are in right place!
They make you assure of a good surrogate and good health assistance throughout the journey to your surrogate.
That’s completely their look on. And to talk about cost this varies from country to country or state to state. A viable choice would be if you pick the place with affordable cost structure and service packages.
It’s totally upon you. Look for official websites of fertility clinics you might come up to correct measurements.