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Now is the time to plan your Surrogacy Journey. And here are 4 actionable ideas. Especially if you haven’t set goals. First, Develop your goals first! Second, make yourself focus. Third, Make Small Decisions. Fourth, work backwards. Develop your goals first. Now is the time to shape your future. What do you want out of your Surrogacy Journey? Surrogacy more than any other project is about making a plan for your future. Creating a dream and taking the steps to make it happen. It doesn’t matter how much you plan. You’ll still get some stuff wrong along the way. Don’t make things worse by overanalyzing them and delaying before you ever get going. Surrogacy is a long journey and delays will sap your morale. The longer it takes to develop the harder it is to launch. From the Strength of your Dreams comes your future. It’s time for you to live your life, to reach your dreams. Make yourself focus.