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Decrease ovarian reserve can also decrease the chances of Pregnancy. Decreased in ovarian reserve is mainly caused due to the aging of the ovaries. As the age increases, there is a decline in the eggs produced in the ovaries. In few cases, the patients can have a diminished ovarian reserve but intact ovarian function. There are different treatments that can be used to treat low ovarian reserve. The most common methods of treatment include. Stimulation Cycles. Several stimulation protocols are used to improve the quantity of eggs produced. Hormonal dosage is generally given to patients to increase the number of eggs produced. Medications. To improve the egg quantity certain ovarian stimulation drugs are used that can help in increasing quantity of mature eggs for IVF success. Your gynecologist might increase your dosage based on your condition. It does not matter what face infertility presents. Endometriosis, poor ovarian reserve, polycystic ovaries syndrome and others. It is surmountable with God on our sides.