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Rules on surrogacy vary from country to country. Which can lead to pitfalls and complications for would-be parents. The practice is banned in many countries including Germany, Italy, France and Sweden. In other countries, such as the UK and Australia. The laws are more complex. Paying for a woman to carry a child is legal in about 19 US states. Which have laws recognizing compensated surrogacy. According to international surrogacy non-profit Families Through Surrogacy. Another 10 allow unpaid surrogacy. Such laws tend to enable would-be parents to change the birth certificate of the child and gain legal recognition of parenthood. All children born via surrogacy in the US are eligible for a US passport. Regardless of the citizenship of their parents. International surrogacy is very impersonal and very commercial. An increasing number of couples were looking for surrogate mothers overseas because of the difficulty in finding one in their own country. In general. People have very positive outcomes from surrogacy. More often than not, it doesn’t go wrong.