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hey! thank you for sharing your story! you are at right place.
This is a world of infertility.
we are heard and understand over here.No one would question you being infertile.
The complications you are talking about asking for assisted reproductive technologies. why don’t you go for one of them?
Many of the individuals over here are even being blessed with parenthood with this treatments.
you could select either IVF or surrogacy. Much success lies in between these. I swear.
though these are costly and time taken procedures all this would soon prove you to have worth.
you would soon realize that for sure.
Though IVF has so many cycles and there seems to be a never-ending loop that goes on but this loop could also turn into a success loop.
To balance cost you might travel abroad or to places where you might find that viable for your pocket.
I cant target a particular clinic for you as I am also on a search stage. But this internet and also forum could help us in a much better way.