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Hey Trisha, I felt very sorry about your sister. It’s really heartbreaking and disappointing. The circumstances she is going through are very crucial. Yet there is still some hope. Good to know about her fertility. But the main problem is with her womb. Seriously, losing a pregnancy is very sad and hurts a lot. Science has suggested possible treatments to cope with such issues. Surrogacy is one of them. Many clinics around are offering surrogacy. you can check on this forum that many people have shared their successful experiences. You may consult them for guidance. As much I know, most of them have praised a very well-known clinic. They reported that the clinic is offering unlimited tries of surrogacy at a very affordable price. also, they will give you guys full guarantee about the surrogate mother. so, I think she should go there for surrogacy treatment. I’m sure it will work for her.