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Hey Stormi!You came to the right place to ask for advice.If you choose to go down the path of IVF using donor eggs you have the advantage of knowing that you are going to become pregnant.This means you can prepare yourself to become pregnant, both mind and body.My advice to any women receiving IVF donor eggs is to take folic acid every day for at least 3 months before getting pregnant. This lowers the risk of some birth defects of the brain and spine of your child.You should stop smoking.Stay away from second-hand smoke as well after you become pregnant.If you have a medical condition, make sure that you are under a physician’s care and they are aware you are trying to become pregnant. Depression should be well managed. Any medications should also be discussed with a doctor.Yeah, you assume right that a healthy body is good and you should also follow healthy eating guidelines.Everything that goes into your body can nourish your uterine environment.Eating Red meat, chicken, leafy greens, beans. Boosts blood cell production and overall cardiovascular health. But you should avoid eating fish that are high in mercury, like swordfish and mackerel.I hope that you’ll find my advice useful and may God bless you with an amazing child.Al my best wishes to you and your family. XOXO;)