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well, I agree with you, dear!
this is the case that each one of us must concern.
but this is also the case that we got to understand the financial needs of intended parents,
I can say that easily because I was the one who putts off her IVF cycles just because of being out of pocket.
I mean each one has different circumstances.
rather than that, I respect surrogates so much they are great humans.
yes, I do agree that they are taking the risk just because of your wish to have a baby.
you also might look for the countries that offer valuable packages and that are affordable for you.
you have a life to live. That’s correct this is one of the most precious things that we want but we also have to be careful about making selections.
wish you all a very good luck.
never consider false about surrogates.
they are moms too. respect them as you want to be respected by your babies.
Love, XX