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Hey, Trisha, I know financial strain limits your access to healthy and quality healthcare. When it comes to assisted conception or surrogacy. But access to them is not impossible. I have been through all the details when I was looking for my surrogacy process. We hunt down every possible place where the process seemed in the budget. However, there were few challenges which influenced our decision. It very important to do your homework before pursuing surrogacy. Because there are countries who are offering great packages but the challenges are not discussed. Luckily, I came across an attorney who is a surrogacy attorney. She guided us on how to decide and pursue the process. I didn’t want to compromise quality over money. So, it took us 6 months to decide.It was solely dependent on the legal aspects of the surrogacy, and how do they facilitate the IP who are facing financial strains. They offer great packages for a quality surrogacy process. And the legal rights are secured of IP’s as well as the surrogate’s.