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Your decision in selecting a Surrogate Mother is a choice that ultimately merits a meticulous thought process and long hours of reflection. There are clinics that can assist you in locating a Surrogate Mother. Which is typically the best place to begin. gives you the opportunity to search for a Surrogate Mother in just minutes. No matter what agency you work with, you have the option of refusing any pre-selected Surrogate and choosing another. You may also elect to find a Surrogate Mother on your own. It is promising to locate both Surrogate providers and Surrogate Mothers with us or you may be referred to a specific agency by recommendations of family and friends. During the process of choosing a Surrogate Mother, you should interact with the surrogates (if possible) before making a decision. If you are working with a clinic, they will provide medical records for their represented Surrogate Mother. If you have precise preferences concerning your Surrogate, the clinic will try to meet these requests within reason.