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I am interested in having a journey abroad. Hello to everyone. I hope your fertility journey gets advanced.
My husband and I were traveling a lot. It was before. Now all our effort’s dedicated to planning our next steps in my treatment.
I said we were traveling. It wasn’t just information to know. Many people travel around the world.
But today we are afraid to visit new country purposely. I know you often offer Ukraine and Georgia.
Also many countries are advisable now. I have already failed 8 IVFs. It was my limit.
Actually I didn’t expect to have this number. Anyway it’s my past. Now I think how to increase my chances in successful surrogacy journey.
You are more experienced. I read your stories. Some of them really make me inspired.
The way you walked through deserves respect. You are my examples to follow suit.
I wish you all the best. Your housed must shine with baby dust. It’s hard to decide.
Hope in the soonest future we’ll move on. My husband supports and shows great readiness. We have to catch the moment straight away.