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Hey girls! I already have negative response to these letters! Hah! TTC is like TNT for me.
It can explode suddenly. I hate the changes I sadly had after I’ve been diagnosed. Everyone loved me I think. I used to be such a shining carefree girl. My man and I traveled and make parties. We decided to make children and… TTC got started. This god damn long TTC was ready to visit our life. We tried without having result.
Life began getting darker. It’s always so disappointing when you try so hard. You try over and over and see only emptiness instead of any other outcome.
A woman above had a big tumor inside her womb. The doctors had to remove it via surgery. Her uterus was also remover effectively.After that her option list became rather shorter. You know in my case surrogacy started tempting my attention not so easy. I had to think over of it.
We had to fight lots of fears and doubts. I haven’t started yet. I’m just frustrated after endless IVF rounds. I feel that was enough. It’s difficult to accept. I don’t have visual abnormalities.
I hope you’re overcoming without hesitation. Frequently goals are reached by those who are stubborn. My best wishes and good luck!