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hey, Olivia certainly you went through a hard time. The struggle associated with TTC isn’t easy. moreover, people who left you never deserved you. So, don’t despair, you are now blessed with the best The one he is still standing by you. I have been TTC for years and failed with all the treatment I tried. I was left with no choice to pursue surrogacy abroad. I have a low ovarian reserve which has reduced the chances of conceiving to zero. I am pursuing surrogacy at the age of 42, however, there are women I know who are having kids at the age of 45. And I have seen women who are experiencing early menopause at the age of 25. Which has now convinced me that there’s nothing definite but situations, treatments differ according to the condition of the person. So, yeah I have embraced myself as infertile. I have stared my process of surrogacy, done with the consultation stage. Soon we are going meet with our surrogate. We are provided accommodation and serval facilities. There are several surrogacy journey stories online that really encourage you.