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Hello everyone. I always think that I am an optimist. The person who is positive towards life always suffers more. I get married at my earlier age. After some time I came to know that I was a victim of infertility. The doctor said that I was weak to perform IVF. My husband remarried to have his family. I didn’t blame him. It was my fault. I love kid a lot. Then I decided to adopt a child. During my work trip, I visited a clinic in the UK. I discussed my issues with a doctor. They suggested my surrogacy. I decided to give it a try. They provided me with the best surrogate mother. Treatment there was less expensive as compared to others. I have twins and they are the love of my life. So if you are experiencing the same. Then go for surrogacy like me. Remember difficult journeys make our destination beautiful. Be happy in your life. Best of luck