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Anika louis

Hey. Firstly Many many Congratulations to you on having a successful Surrogacy journey. Secondly, I am totally agreed with your Statement. Surrogates are like angels. It feels bad when people talk oddly about them. I have so much respect for them. I have a baby through Surrogacy. I had Cervix incompetence disease which left me Infertile. I was so mentally depressed and helpless that I lost my heart. I thought that I cannot be a mother again. But something else was waiting for me to not lose hope and that was surrogacy. I heard about surrogacy on a forum. I thought it would be my last hope. I discussed it with my husband and he was agreed. We went for it to a clinic in Europe. they provided us a healthy and sound Surrogate. She was so Cooperative. And now I have a baby boy and a girl. I was blessed with twins. It was like a surprise. I am now enjoying motherhood. and I think I am the happiest person on earth now.