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hey, really friend your story is so much hard to read. how you are surviving after all of this. if I were at your stage I will prefer to die with all my dreams keeping them in the depths of my heart. but I am very angry on a point that your husband had left you. how a person can do this to you. in all of these circumstances. this is the place where you need him more. In reality, he doesn’t deserve you. forget him. this is a good news that you haven’t take your divorce on your heart. and decided to keep on moving in life. so you are going to be married soon. my best wishes are with you. after the marriage, I suggest you not to wait for anything. don’t listen to anyone. it’s your life and you have to live it according to your style. no one has any right to point it out. surrogacy, my dear, is the achievement of modern technology. it is a source of giving happiness back again in the life people like you. and remember one thing you are not like people, in reality, they are like my best wishes are with you. and advanced congratulation’s on your starting of new life.take care. be blessed