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Hey, Olivia, I hope you’re doing good. I am extremely sorry to hear about your struggles. Life has definitely not been easy on you. MC can be really hard to deal with and its really sad to know that your partner left you alone to deal with all of this. However, I am glad you have finally found someone who will be much more caring. What did your doctors say about the problem? You had an issue staying pregnant why is that so? From your problem, it seems like going for surrogacy is a great option. This will ensure that the baby is safe. I think since you were getting pregnant it means your eggs can be used for the procedure. Just make sure that both of you are well researched on this process. It is an expensive treatment and therefore, we should ensure that none of the money is wasted. For surrogacy few things really do matter the first is a good clinic. Second thing is to make sure that the legal laws are in your favor. Best of luck I am sure things will go well.