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Tiffiany, I feel you, hun. What I recommend it not to pay heed to what people say. I know, to some point it hurts a lot. But eventually, it is you who will be bringing up the baby. As for you, don’t talk hopeless. I know, it is not easy to let go. But, you can focus more on how to resolve it? Have you seen an RE? Because a better evaluation of your health will determine the chances of conceiving naturally. Otherwise, don’t have to worry, as assisted conception has proven to bless people with kids. I advise you to consider seeking fertility counseling. This way you will be able to focus more on the resolution rather than the problem. Moreover, for inspiration, you can watch online the struggles of the couples and how they managed to overcome the curse of infertility. They give you major goals. If you have tried everything and nothing worked then I would say try surrogacy. Reseach and talk to a fertility doctor. You will be able to be a biological mother to a child. Moreover, persuade your husband to go for a sperm analysis. MFi can be a major factor affecting your fertility. Lost of wishes