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This is one of the things that each woman should consider. I hate the thing when someone takes their children for granted. I mean there are some women that do exist in this world who have been struggling all their life to have a baby. To have a life. And similarly, they consider such women with some bad thoughts who are willing to seek help from either IUI, IVF or surrogacy. What you want them to do. Should they live their whole life with that empty feeling? And you get the point absolutely correct. Women’s who are willing to have their biological child often thinks donor eggs to be not that well enough to have a baby. So they could have surrogacy procedure where they could be able to have their biological child. And the other women would carry your baby safe and sound. Each infertile women should seek help from such procedures. And make their life worth living. Cheers to all the ladies who are already having babies through such procedures. Grow your children to be wiser and loving.