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I am in the same condition.
I can’t get pregnant and i don’t know the reason for it too.
The doctors are also unable to find the reason for this.
I have gone through extensive testings but the doctors are also unable to find the main cause for my infertility.
They can’t tell the main problem.
I have been trying to conceive from last 10 years now.
But still i didn’t conceived.
As doctors can’t tell the main cause of my infertility i guess i will go for surrogacy now.
I live in Bulgaria where surrogacy is prohibited.
I heard there are many clinics for infertility treatment in Ukraine.
I read about many clinics there from these forums.
I have found clinic from Ukraine.People talk mostly about this clinic.
I will contact this clinic and will consult them about my problem.
Surrogacy is very popular there so i guess i will also have a baby from surrogacy.