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“Weight gain is a huge problem. Many women all over the globe face the challenge of weight gain. It can be a reason behind developing the infertility. If a women is suffering from the PCOS the weight gain can be a real problem. Both of them are directly related to each other. If it is PCOS then losing the weight becomes a real challenge. There are some hormonal disorders that are becoming really a huge problem for the female gendr. A similar hormonal disorder that can prevent the woman from conception is the PCOS. It usually happens in the fertile age. It ultimately leads to the the death of fertility if it is not corrected properly. It is a very unique kind of the hormonal disorder. The woman starts developing the male hormones. As the male hormones start increasing in the number the feminish build up of the hormones lowers down. PCOS women are insulin resistant. Most of the women with the PCOS are obese. They start getting overweight. This further aggravates and te women start suffering from diabetes, cardiac problems, sleep deficiency and the cancer of the reproductive organs. In order to get rid of it it is very important to change the lifestyle. There are several medications available. They but do not work the way they should. Added to these it is better to change how you live and eat. The shift of how you live not just helps you get rid of weight but also reduces the intenity of the disease.