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Very little research has been conducted on the experiences of surrogate mothers. Only a handful of studies have included interviews with women about their experiences of surrogacy and their reasons for choosing to be a surrogate mother. From a sample of 19 surrogate mothers, it was found that there were many different reasons for the decision to become a surrogate mother, such as financial gain, enjoyment of pregnancy/childbirth, and obtaining a sense of self worth and value (Blyth, 1994). It was also found that 10 of the 19 surrogate mothers experienced some form of negative response from those around them. The sample consisted of women who were at different stages of the surrogacy process; that is, some women were interviewed whilst pregnant, whereas others had given birth to a surrogate child who had reached school age. All of the women had been recruited through a United Kingdom surrogacy agency, though this may not give a true representation of all surrogate mothers as not all surrogacy arrangements are made through an agency. In some cases, surrogate mothers are relatives or friends of the commissioning couple. An American qualitative study (Ragoné, 1994) also examined the motivations for surrogate mothers deciding to embark upon surrogacy.