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Frequent moves are tough on kids and disrupt important friendships. These effects are most problematic for kids who are introverted and those whose personalities tend toward anxiety and inflexibility. Specifically, adults who moved frequently as kids have fewer high quality relationships and tend to score lower on well-being and life satisfaction. Fortunately, the results – like all findings in psychology – are more nuanced than that. One major reason that kids are negatively affected by moves is that moves are often precipitated by problems – a divorce, job loss – that are tough on the family. Or the family moves because one parent’s job requires it, but this mean the other parent (usually mom) loses theirs. When parents are stressed and upset (and trust me, moving is always stressful) their parenting suffers and the kids always, always always notice. Moves are also hardest on kids in the midst of other transitions – like puberty and school changes. Middle school seems to be the toughest time to make a transition. When parents support each other and work hard to make the move as easy for the themselves and their kids as possible, negative effects are minimized.