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Hi! I didn’t have a chance to even decide on surrogacy. I desperately want to have kids and my dh talks about them all the time. So we didn’t even opt the not having kids option, so… Now I am waiting for us to decide on where to sign for the program. As we need to find the clinic abroad. I was hoping not to hear those words from my doctor that unfortunately I am not allowed to any ivf and have to consider surrogacy or adoption. And I at the moment didn’t know what is worst. Yes, I know that such thoughts are horrible but for me that period of my life is the worst because I was lost and didn’t know what to do. My dh was and is really caring but for both of us it was a hard time. Now I am all in when looking for the clinic.
I am so sorry to read about you story! Today I think that there is nothing wrong with getting a surrogate mother, it is okay if you really do not have other choice.