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Miscarriage is one of the most devastating experiences that can happen to a woman. Having one miscarriage is sadly, not that uncommon. Approximately two out of every ten pregnancies will result in miscarriage. After having one miscarriage most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Still there are a few women that will continue to have two, three or more miscarriages. Women are considered to have recurrent miscarriages when they have two or three miscarriages in a row. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, only about one percent of women will have three consecutive miscarriages or more. Many doctors will not perform any tests until after a woman has had three consecutive miscarriages. Even with testing, doctors may not be able to determine the cause of recurrent miscarriage. But since you have decided to go for surrogacy well, all the best. I wish you all the best though. Let it be a success from now henceforth.