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Hi there, How are you doing? I am sorry for your health. I am glad to read your success story. You are lucky to have a supportive husband. Wow, Twins. I also dream to have twins. Unfortunately, I am unable to conceive. Due to infertility problem, I cannot conceive. My DH also never leaves me alone. He is very supportive to me all the time. It was really heartbreaking sirtuation. the world seems to be colorless for me. I haven’t found any charm anywhere. I was very depressed. The life was so awful at that time. I was always thinking to finish my life. But the love of my husband never allowed me to do that. Then a friend told me about surrogacy. She said that In Ukraine there are many good clinics. We consulted one of them. We have the appointment of next month. We will Start our journey soon. Surrogacy gives me a hope.
Thanks for sharing your story. Lots of love…