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Hello dear, your experience filled me with deep joy. It’s really pleasurable that you finally got success after so much struggle. Definitely, your efforts made it possible. You have won my heart as you have not lost the heart. Well, I’ll be glad if you share more about your experience and the facility you went for the treatment. Life is like a war. Only those won who keep on trying again and again. But one should need enough assistance too. You are lucky as you have successfully conducted the treatment. My sister also had surrogacy treatment but she failed badly. She went to a recommended clinic named Lotus Clinic in Ukraine. They guaranteed her the childbirth. Finally, her surrogate mother got pregnant after some weeks. But then, she miscarried the child. My sister contacted them for knowing the reason and further procedure. But unluckily, they refused to provide any assistance. It’s so much frustrating for her. She doesn’t know what to do but those clinics really pissed her off. I would be happy if you could help her in this regard.