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Infertility is such a hard thing to cope with. It’s great that you have successfully done with such procedure. Dear, we are in the same boat. Every sixth couple is facing infertility issues. Many clinics are providing infertility treatments at a reasonable price. Ukrainian clinics are prominent in this regard. These clinics are providing great assistance. Their administration and staff are well-known for their professional behavior. Many people on this forum are suggesting Ukraine for the treatment, just because of this reason. One of my friends also had a baby boy through surrogacy clinic. However, my other friend was scammed there and remained empty-handed. I must say that before taking any serious decision, one should investigate a lot. I have heard about clinics like Adonis and Lotus. They have treated people very badly. Also, due to them, other Ukrainian clinics are suffering customer trust issues. Well, all the best to you for your future!