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Sharing your story will surely help other people. I have a sister who has been going through similar cases. In her case, it is weak endometrium walls. It has been such a tussle for her. But I told her I would volunteer. I am now in my 40 but think I can help. I will be her surrogate. I have been a surrogate for 6 couples. And I can say I am used to it. The customers that I have been serving are people who have been through a lot. Their cases always bring me rears. I personally do not know how it feels suffering from infertility. I am a mother of 4 children. And giving birth has never been tough for me. So when I pass through your posts I tend to feel the pain too. IU can see many people have been through a lot. Having a child is not as easy as I have always been thinking. And can say your stories do motivate me. I think not just me, but also those people who will read them.