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I am so glad someone finally dispelled this rumor. I was tired of seeing all of these posts online about how it wasn’t safe because the other woman could claim your child. Surrogacy is such a superb service. It allows women who cannot have children to have children. Because of these stupid rumors, however, they do not. I have tried so hard to get women to sometimes understand my point of view but they do not listen. Please stop spreading these rumors people and do your research. You are fully covered by the law that child is yours. Another rumor is that a person may not feel spiritually connected to the child. Let me tell you how untrue that is. I had my child through surrogacy. I was in contact with the surrogate mother throughout. I was also involved in the birth. I supremely love my child and feel totally connected to him. I appreciate the originator of this post trying to remove these stupid rumors and allowing women the happiness of having a child without these idiotic rumors plaguing them.