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Hi everyone)
I am new here and I have my own view and experience according surrogacy.
I suppose it’s a great step for your society to recognize surrogacy as an essential thing. Admitting that present situation concerning the issue of surrogacy is very diverse in the world, not all the countries are so aggressive towards surrogacy. When I understood that surrogacy was my unique chance to have a baby I realized there were not so man chance for it. First, there are not so many countries that allow it legally. After searching for information, reviewing the clinics and reading recommendation I decided to go to Ukraine. Of course, there were some strict conditions for a couple to participate in surrogacy program. For example, only heterosexual married couples can participate in the program. And there must be medical indications of impossibility to have children. I totally agree with it. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised staying in Kiev. The clinic provided us with accommodation, transfers and meals. So, we didn’t feel unsafe in a new and unknown for us city. When our surrogate was pregnant we received ultrasounds every week. We also received photos and videos. To sum up I just want to say a big thank to the people who are involved in surrogacy. I mean legal surrogacy. Those people do work of enormous importance.