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Trisha, you are right, surrogates are indeed selfless souls. Who are meant to only bless others with the luxury of parenthood? I love the idea of serving couple by something that cant be replaced. I would like to mention here that surrogate has financial rights. I have seen most of the cases where the intended parent went for a private surrogate. Which led the surrogate into a financial crisis. Her needs weren’t met. Because she had her own kids and a family to look for. Since she was pregnant and couldn’t do the daily chores. Being financially broke added much into her life. I would say they both the intended parents and a surrogate must be considerate of each other’s rights. The flip side where intended parents suffer at the hands of a surrogate hen pursued surrogacy privately. It is important surrogate must contact an agency in order to attain her total rights, as well as the intended parents must look for reputable agency in order to make sure that the surrogate is healthy enough and free from any transmitted disease.