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Hi there, Brooklyn! I hope you’re doing great. Can I just say what an amazing post this is? Although this is your opinion, I totally agree with it and stand with you on this. Modernization is really helping people in many ways. These assisted conceptions are doing wonders for infertile people. Before, infertile people used to sit depressed and let infertility take over their lives. But now this doesn’t happen. The rising awareness has made people accept the fact that they’re infertile and now have to think about alternatives of having a baby. Adoption used to be the only option left for infertile couples, but now IVF, IUI, and surrogacy are gaining popularity. I myself had my babies via IVF treatment. I’m thankful for these methods. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to become a mother ever. My children are my world, I live for them. Best wishes to all reading this!