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Hi, I am glad to see your post. You are researching your own. That is the good thing to search the solution of the problem rather than worry about that. I am sorry you face miscarriage that is a really worse thing. That is a most worse loss of unborn baby than have no baby. I’m also infertility. I face miscarriage when I was 23 years old. A bike hit me in the road accident and my bones were broken. My friend told me about a clinic in Europe. I was afraid of a clinic in Europe because they scraped my friend which was worse experience of there. My friend told me some other clinic use repetition of that one. I went there and concern with the doctor. He suggested me surrogacy as the good infertility treatment. But the problem was search surrogate mother. We connected an agency for surrogate some companies are there who provide surrogate mother and care of that surrogate mother during pregnancy. You should contact such type of company. Best of luck.