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HI, I hope you are doing good. I am really sorry to hear your friend story. I’m glad to see your post. That is outstanding love for a friend. Your friend is luck who have a friend like. That is good to search for the solution of the problem rather than worry about that. Stand by her side and give her hope. She needs you. I’m also infertile. I face miscarriage when I was 23 years old. A bike hit me on road accident. I have broken my bones. That was worst event of my life. I was disappointed. My friend relaxes me. She told me about a clinic in Europe. I went there and met the doctor. He said to me a complete checkup and give me some test. After test report, he told me about infertility treatment. He suggested to me surrogacy as the best treatment. After surrogacy, I have 2 babies. I am very happy. I hope my experience of surrogacy beneficial for you. Best of luck.