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Hey there, How you doing? That’s the first time someone has talked about a surrogate mother. I am completely agreed with you. It’s so satisfying to read such positive about the surrogate mother after all she is all at her own. It’s so tough to carry a child at your own. But somehow it makes your individual strengths and independent. Giving up a kid is yet so hard but a surrogate does that for other parents. A surrogate mother forms an unimaginable bond with those families they help along the way. Undoubtedly they deserve all the respects and best on the earth. As they sacrifice the irreplaceable gem on the earth for others. Surrogates are the real blessing for infertile couples. I was so scared to find a surrogate what if she does not return to us but a friend of mine recommended me a clinic in Europe. That was the best clinic I found. They found us a healthy surrogate with all assurance we can possibly ask for. Kudos to all the surrogates out there.