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Dear you must go for surrogacy again. This is a good treatment for infertile people. No issue. But keep some things in mind. You must visit a good clinic. Don’t waste time on so called famous clinics. Like Adonis. I have suffer a lot from Adonis clinic. I am a heart patient. That’s why I can’t conceive. But after being patient of such a dangerous disease, I don’t lose hope. Rather I am very much sure that one day I will be the mother. If not naturally, then by other means. And to fulfill this dream, I contacted Adonis clinic. And asked for information regarding infertility treatments and my problem. But to very surprise, I receive not a single response yet. Although I have mailed then, called them many many time. But unfruitful. I became very dis heart. When I saw this behavior. I became very de morale. So please guys, be careful about such clinics.