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    Hi there Gina. How are you? How is the little baby girl? Is she naughty? How was your first experience with surrogacy? Was it good? Did anything bad happened? Or it was all pleasant. Where did you go for it btw? I am looking for suggestions myself. Now coming to your question. Yes, she might need a sibling. You can go for surrogacy again. Have you considered IVF though? I don’t know about you so I can’t say if it will work or not. If you think it will not. Then go for surrogacy again. There is no harm.


    Hey Gina, I am glad that you successful and convinced that surrogacy is the answer to all the prayers made by infertile couples. I am too. My first surrogacy journey is underway. I am quite excited yet nervous. As my eggs are not of good quality and I have failed to respond to the cycle. Therefore, doctors are trying first with eggs then if they fail to respond then I will be doing it with donor eggs. Its gestational surrogacy with donor eggs. I am quite stressed about, but yeah the bright side is, I will be able to live my dream of being a parent. And I advise you to try surrogacy for your another child. The idea of a sibling for your kid is so heartwarming moreover, sibling love is necessary. Moreover, surrogacy never fails. I will advise you try for twins this time, double bundle of joys. I am also going to try for two, as I want at least three to four kids. And trying for two at the same time will save us trips and cost. Lost for wishes


    Hello. I hope things are good in your life. Congratulation for the baby princess. I hope she is doing great. My story is same as yours. I cannot conceive naturally. I am a victim of infertility too. I have consulted the doctors in Ukraine. I had my surrogacy done from there. It was a wonderful experience. I have got my own baby. Thanks to surrogacy. Thanks to it for making me a super mommy. I think you must go for it again. You already have an experience. Make up your mind. Go for it. I wish you all the best for your future. Stay blessed.


    Surrogacy is a gift. It has helped many infertile couples to survive the despair and disappointment. It only needs a committed surrogate mom. If you have experienced it before then there is nothing to worry. You can contact your previous surrogacy agency and they would find you a perfect surrogate to weave your dreams. If you have a perfect surrogate it means all your problems are resolved. I wish you soon share your good news.

    keira trey

    hi there. I hope you are doing great. TTC is one of the hardest times in a woman’s life. I think surrogacy is a great thing. it is a beautiful option for women who are struggling with infertility. you should not lose hope. I was infertile too after my first miscarriage. I did not lose hope and went for surrogacy. and look where it led me. it led me to a beautiful life I have with twin baby girls. I am so happy with my decision. I think it is a great option and you should definitely go for it. I wish you luck, hope it turns out good for you. stay blessed.


    Hello there. I’m married happily. I’ll share with you my experience. After few time spent ago, I’ll go for the small treatment. Doctors tells me that i’m infertile. Then, we decided to get a treatment from clinic. We hear the Adonis clinic. I contact to the clinic via messages on phone. They didn’t reply us a single one message.

    jennifer jonas

    hey, I am so happy that you came over infertility. I would recommend you go for surrogacy again. Children are a blessing. I know a friend who went through the same process of surrogacy and now have a baby girl in her arms. Good luck to you in your journey of surrogacy and prayers for your baby. God bless you!


    Hey there, Gina. How are you doing? I can understand not being able to conceive is very painful, emotionally and physically. It drains all your energy for the day because you do not go a second without thinking about it. I am going through infertility too and conceiving naturally is impossible for me because I have had my uterus removed. So even I have read many posts about surrogacy and seen positive reviews, moreover, my cousin has suggested me to opt for surrogacy. Therefore, I am considering to try surrogacy treatment. I wish you all the best for your future. Take care.


    Hi Gorgeous. How are you? I trust everything is doing great next to you. Its great to see that you have made up your family. I had surrogacy for myself. Me and my better half needed to have an infant urgently. I was barren. We counseled our specialists in Ukraine. They gave us the best conclusion. I am so elated today. I am a mother of a youthful princess. Because of surrogacy. I figure you ought to put it all on the line as well. Look for the exhortation of your specialist. He can manage you well. All the specific best to you for your future. Fare thee well. Remain positive.


    Dear you must go for surrogacy again. This is a good treatment for infertile people. No issue. But keep some things in mind. You must visit a good clinic. Don’t waste time on so called famous clinics. Like Adonis. I have suffer a lot from Adonis clinic. I am a heart patient. That’s why I can’t conceive. But after being patient of such a dangerous disease, I don’t lose hope. Rather I am very much sure that one day I will be the mother. If not naturally, then by other means. And to fulfill this dream, I contacted Adonis clinic. And asked for information regarding infertility treatments and my problem. But to very surprise, I receive not a single response yet. Although I have mailed then, called them many many time. But unfruitful. I became very dis heart. When I saw this behavior. I became very de morale. So please guys, be careful about such clinics.


    “Since I brought forth my delightful little girl Poppy 7 years back I have wanted to help a couple who were not able to convey their own particular youngster. The minute when you turn into a mum and hold your child out of the blue is such a mind-boggling feeling. To love this small being so much that it harms is only the best inclination ever and I truly trusted multi-day I could help get this going for another person.
    I went over Surrogacy UK and their companionship first ethos was critical to me, as I couldn’t envision conveying a tyke and not having a kinship with his/her folks. I discovered my planned guardians through the Surrogacy UK message sheets. We met in March 2014 and it truly resembled all-consuming, instant adoration. We were pregnant by July 2014 and I brought forth their ravishing child Dexter in March 2015 with both mummy and daddy next to me the entire time.
    Presently I have the joy of this astonishing minimal more distant family and that is because of Susan and Mark as they regard me as a major aspect of their family. I have the most astonishing bond with Dexter thus does my girl.


    I know it is a tough time for you. You should be able o prevail through this time. Surrogacy will help you get through this. It has helped many people achieve the happiness in their lives. I want people to have this blessing. Surrogacy has become a blessing for people around the world. They should go for surrogacy. My cousin went for surrogacy in Ukraine. She is so much happy with the results. She was told about this clinic by someone. She is now living a happy and balanced life. This will be pretty great for you. Good luck.


    Surrogacy really would be great for you. You have prior experience so you know how well it goes. Other methods aren’t as effective IMO anyway. Where did you go the last time? These days there’s so much negative talk against Lotus and Adonis. They don’t care enough to reply to queries. Such a bummer really. You must have gone to a good one? Ukraine is really good for this procedure since it’s a lot more reasonable than other countries. Anyway. Wishing you all the best! Your precious daughter would really love a sibling, I’m sure. Good luck!


    hi, hope so you are doing great. Don’t take the stress. Don’t overthink. All will be fine. Nothing is impossible. Stay positive and happy. Surrogacy is a safe process. It is indeed a blessing for all those who are unable to conceive naturally. I think so you should go for it. My best wishes are with you. Just go with it. My prayers are with you. All the best.


    Hi Gina! Of course surrogacy is the way to go. You have already been through it so it’s a familiar territory for you. I have also been through surrogacy. For my treatment, I went to Ukraine. I would recommend you try out Ukraine for your second surrogacy. The clinic I applied to had us accommodated in a very nice hotel and also paid for our travelling cost. It would be a good opportunity for you to explore new cultures and look at their Beautiful landscape. People there are very kind and cooperative. You will definitely love it there. I wish you the best of luck. Hope everything works out.

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