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I feel so sorry to hear about your infertility. But I am glad to know that you got a way. You chose a right option of surrogacy. It is a blessing for the people like us. I totally agree with you. Surrogacy is a way to complete families for thousands of people. It is just like a natural way of getting a baby of your own genetics. I am also an infertile person. I have been faced infertility for 5 years. Then I opted surrogacy and went to Ukraine. Finally, I had completed my dream and blessed with a baby boy. People should support surrogacy so that It can be legalized in every state. We should respect surrogate mothers. They are the vital part of the surrogacy process. There are many best clinics in Ukraine for the surrogacy. It is like a miracle for the intended people. Thank you for sharing your views. It is a very motivational post. God bless you.