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    emma joe

    Hi there hope and belief that you are doing awesome. After reading the story about the infertility and suggestion for the women. Surrogacy is a lovely affair of one lady relinquishing magnanimously to encourage another couple. I am so happy to see such surrogates who experience physical and enthusiastic torment for nine months. They do this to make sure they can surrender the child to finish the group of another couple. More individuals should think about this procedure. We should likewise always remember to value the surrogate moms. I So, at the end of my message i will suggest the infertility problem facing women to go for the best clinic only because the clinic matters than the procedure i will say for Ukraine BiotexCom the best places having high success ratio from another place in the world. :)”


    Hi Alsa, how are you? I am agreed with you. Surrogacy is a miracle. i also appreciate the efforts of surrogates. But people are talking about negatively because of the clinics. I also faced a bad experience with a surrogacy clinic. I am an infertile. I am suffering from infertility from last 5 years. Doctors suggest us to go for surrogacy. We are from Japan. Surrogacy is banned there. That’s why we decided to look for clinic in Europe. We heard about Ukraine clinics. We contacted a clinic named Lotus for treatment. When we asked about the info regarding treatment they avoided our emails. I think they are scam. Beware of such clinics.


    Yes, you are right. I am also in favor of your post. Thank you so much for creating such posts where we can just spread awareness and information to the public. Surrogacy is a beautiful experience of one woman sacrificing selflessly in order to help another couple. I am so glad to see such surrogates who go through physical and emotional pain for nine months. They do this just so they can give up the baby to complete the family of another couple. We must appreciate the surrogate mothers. They are very brave and strong women. Such people make us hopeful and make the lives of many couples successful.


    Well. It is not only for a male-female couple. but also for a heterosexual couple. Surrogacy is a great blessing. I have faced infertility for so long. I wanted to be a mother but no luck. I moved on. I went for IVF. I went for many cycles of IVF. It failed. I starting searching about surrogacy. at last, I found a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. I have a baby now. I have no more worries. I am happy that everything went well.


    I am happy that many people know about surrogacy. Indeed it is a gift. I am so happy that people are more excited about going for surrogacy. As it is sometimes the last option to become a mother. Surrogacy s not lawful in many nations. I think people should be at least aware of these. Well, My friend was infertile when she got married. At least 7 years she spent being infertile. I know this was a hard time for them. they didn’t lose hope. They choose surrogacy. They have a daughter now. It is a blessing to them. I am so happy for them. One can choose surrogacy.


    Yes, you are an absolute right. That’s the reason I have a soft corner for surrogates. Because I know that they are the one who could make my dream come true. I have watched so many videos over surrogates life and you won’t believe that the perspective they have over been surrogate. Just amazed me and that’s the reason I think these surrogates have made this surrogacy concept even more beautiful. I am in the surrogacy queue for long. And I just can’t wait to start my procedure.


    Hey. Hope you are doing well. Good to see that people are proliferating awareness about surrogacy. Surrogacy is a miracle. It is a blessing for every infertile couple. I have also gone through this process. I have a baby through surrogacy. I was a sportswoman. I was suffering from fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was with me all the time. One of my colleagues suggested me to go for Surrogacy. I went for Surrogacy in Europe for the best clinic. Now, I have a baby. It’s just because of Surrogacy.


    Hey, very astonishing news to hear this. This truly is an amazing story and a great one to share. infertility disease is a curse now. you shared much about surrogacy. it will help others as well. sharing my own experience with you. it was very sad that I have been suffering from infertility too. then someone told me to choose surrogacy. surrogacy provides hundred percent result. surrogacy may consider as the last hope of an infertile woman. so then I have heard the happy news of my life that I will be a mother soon. it is your hard work that paid off. my experience and your information may provide others energy as a hope. better luck again! hope you will choose the best option.

    Anika louis

    Hey. People call it unethical because they don’t know about it. They don’t know about surrogacy. It is sometimes the only hope for couples like us who cannot conceive. They call it immoral they say that surrogates do it for money. It’s not true. Its painful for people who cannot have babies. They do so for our happiness. There should be awareness about surrogacy in the world. I am also a mother of a son given birth by a surrogate. I went to Europe for it. I am happy that people are still there in the world. I am a happy mother because of this process. I hope this would help many people like me. I wish best of luck to the upset parents.

    Lucy jones

    hi, darl how are you doing? I so agree with you. hope things are well for you. surrogacy is indeed a blessing. all the things you hve explained ae true. hope the ladies opt for this who are infertile. I am thinking of going for surrogacy too. do you any good clinic? I need people to guide memory. I’m scared. what if things don’t go in my favor? need help. take care. thanks for the help so far. love.


    I feel so sorry to hear about your infertility. But I am glad to know that you got a way. You chose a right option of surrogacy. It is a blessing for the people like us. I totally agree with you. Surrogacy is a way to complete families for thousands of people. It is just like a natural way of getting a baby of your own genetics. I am also an infertile person. I have been faced infertility for 5 years. Then I opted surrogacy and went to Ukraine. Finally, I had completed my dream and blessed with a baby boy. People should support surrogacy so that It can be legalized in every state. We should respect surrogate mothers. They are the vital part of the surrogacy process. There are many best clinics in Ukraine for the surrogacy. It is like a miracle for the intended people. Thank you for sharing your views. It is a very motivational post. God bless you.


    Yes, it is really very amazing. How could someone do that? It always astonished me. It’s just simply very difficult. Most women do it for their best friend. Some of their loved ones. Some for their siblings. We must take good care of them. If anyone knows about them. We must give them respect. Never underestimates them. I hope everything will be alright.


    Hi there. Hope you are doing well. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed. It’s a blessing indeed. I am sorry about all the people who are suffering. But stay strong. Everything has a right time. These scientific methods enable us to have kids. Many of the same-sex and infertile couples could get this happiness. These methods are completing families. The most amazing thing is that you have your own genetical baby. Stay blessed everyone. Wish luck to everyone.


    Hi, How are you? I am so happy to read your post. It gives positivity. It is really sad that surrogacy is still banned in many countries. Due to this, many infertile couples face difficulty. They can’t afford to travel to other countries. Surrogacy is really a blessing. It is the only source of happiness for infertile couples. Surrogate mothers are very kind. They carry the baby in their womb for nine months. They give it to the intended parents. They are very brave. We should respect them. they have a big heart. Good wishes to all.


    So greatly sorry to learn this. I am sure that you are encountering greatly extreme time dear! I know how it feels to encounter this though situation dear. You are completely right, Surrogacy is without a doubt such a gift and surrogates are such blessed messengers assisting other individuals and sparing their lives, transforming them from baffling and dismal to glad and astonishing. It is extremely such a gift. I wonder what I would have done if surrogacy didn’t exist. So please encounter this. Sending so much love. So benevolently don’t waste your shot

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