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    Hello. Hope you are alright. Thank you for sharing this here with us. I totally agree with you. I’m actually considering surrogacy for myself now. I have heard great things about it. It used to be a controversial subject. But I’m glad it is getting pretty common these days. It is helping people make their dreams come true. That is wonderful. Do you have any experience here? If you do, I would really like to know about it. Great job making this post.


    Hello Ladies! I also want to add my story here. unfortunately, I am also an infertile woman. I had faced critical time due to infertility. It is also because of blocked fallopian tubes. I was so young when I was married. Due to this reason I had 4 miscarriages. In this situation, my health was so feeble. So, my husband decides to take me away from this situation. His friend told him about surrogacy. He told him about a clinic which in Europe. So we went there for our treatment. At the clinic, during ART process doctors tells me that my eggs are so weak. They advise us to use eggs of donor we do the same as they said. After all the procedures, our surrogate mother had our baby in her womb. With passage, of time I feel better and curious for my dear baby. Surrogate mother gives birth to my baby. It all was so beautiful. I would like to give a suggestion please go there. They will surely give their best to you. Baby dust to you my dear!

    jesica samnth

    Surrogacy is not that much problematic, as we think of it. If you are planning for it. You should not let any factor to alter your mind. I had cancer. And due to cancer, I was diagnosed infertile. I tried much infertile treatment. But all went in vain. My friend suggested me a clinic. I went there they said the only treatment I had left was surrogacy. They had a group of donors. We selected a donor. And now God has blessed me with twin daughters. I wish everyone very good luck. Hope you find peace in what you have.


    Hi, how are you? I hope you are doing great. Your story really touched me. I.can feel your pain. I was infertile too. Surrogacy becomes a blessing to me. When I visited a good clinic in Europe. They recommended my surrogacy. They were the best. They treated me in the best way. The surrogate provided by them was very nice. Even they provide a proper contract for both parties right. It was a wonderful experience there. You should also visit them. It will be best for you. Best of luck to you

    Farah Smith

    Surrogacy is a treatment in which third woman a surrogate mother give birth to the baby of intended parents. Those couples who can’t give birth naturally choose this treatment. It is a great blessing of science for them. Surrogate mothers are amazing ladies. They sacrifice their time, their body to give happiness in the shape of Child to Intended parents. This is a beautiful treatment. I don’t know why people are against such things. This should be legal all over the world. But unfortunately, it is banned in Japan and other countries. So people visit Europe for their treatment. There is a very prominent clinic. They are very much affordable and trustworthy. People from all over the world visit them. They always try their level best to help their clients. I will suggest infertile people should visit them.


    Hello Alsa! Wow, this is amazing. I’m so glad hearing about your success. It’s just a miracle. I know you have gone through a tough time in your life. Infertility is a curse. Its hard to bear that. You are a strong woman. Here are the results of your patience. All is well when ends well. I’m glad that surrogacy has proved successful to you. Yes, surrogacy is really a blessing. It is the final hope of every couple facing infertility . It has helped many people. I have also heard and read many success stories in different forums. Plus the clinics In Europe are just great. They are so efficient. They show a lot of concern towards their clients. I truly appreciate their efforts. Once again many congratulations to you both. Best of luck for your future.


    Thank you so much for clearing this doubt. I must say surrogates are real angels on earth. But you are right still surrogacy is banned in a few countries. On the other hand, Eastern European countries provide this opportunity to those people. They give free accommodation and free traveling. So, anyone can enjoy this joy. Science has given us this beautiful gift. I am glad I born in this era. I am also a mother of the surrogate child. And I am much satisfied now. Because I have completed my family. God bless every couple. xx

    Julia Christine

    I’m pleased to know about your success. You are right that surrogacy is a blessing. Surrogacy has proved a beneficial option for all the couples facing fertility issues. And I really appreciate all the surrogate that have a great contribution behind surrogacy. All the surrogates really deserve a massive respect. It requires a lot of strength and sacrificing power to be a surrogate. I hope every infertile couple is not going to remain childless anymore. Surrogacy has fulfilled and would fulfill the wishes of many of us.

    Martina John

    Hey Alsa! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. You are absolutely right. That’s all become possible due to surrogacy. In the past, it was so difficult for the infertile couples to overcome infertility. but now surrogacy have made the things easy. There are a lot of well-reputed clinics that are providing the successful procedures to their customers. Europe is full of such great clinics that are providing such charismatic methods. I think that’s a great option for all infertile couples to get rid of this infertility. I really appreciate such advanced techniques.


    Hey Alsa! Hope you are doing fine. Thanks for posting here and sharing your views about surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed. I am also an infertile person. I had faced infertility for 5 years. Then I came to know about surrogacy. I opted for surrogacy. I found a reputable clinic and had a great experienced. I had blessed with twins through surrogacy. I also have a great respect for surrogates. They are doing great work for others. We should appreciate them for their kind work. Wish you the best of luck. God bless you.


    Hi. Thanks for this. So many people need to know the positive sides of surrogacy. It is a simple procedure. With an angel of a person called surrogate. It is the best experience I have ever gotten. And I don’t regret it. I took my chances. And I am happy and satisfied today. More people need to come out. Talk about this. I know infertility is hard. But we can all go through this with each other’s support. And the best support, in my opinion, would be to give them the correct information. So that they can help themselves. Choose for themselves. And get to know what they are comfortable with. After all, everybody deserves parenthood.


    Hello Alsa Markel. I was so happy to read your post. That is so true that they are creating lives of people. Surrogacy shouldnt be banned. I think surrogacy should be open to every couple out there who is facing infertility. I am infertile. And I had my baby boy via surrogacy. It is a blessing indeed. I would recommend this option to everyone out there. There is no harm in it. This thing should be taken very positively! I am hoping for another surrogacy soon.


    Check out this. Hope you’ll enjoy.


    Check out this. Hope you’ll enjoy. This can help you more.


    Many women of my generation are starting a family later than, perhaps, our mothers did. And it is often a challenge to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy for a variety of reasons. The gestational surrogacy option lets you have your own biological child, safely carried and delivered by a woman that already had a healthy pregnancy. If you are serious about pursuing surrogacy, whether as an intended parent or a woman looking to help others and your family, it is not a subject taken lightly and should certainly be researched well beyond. Intended parents have to complete a very thorough application, criminal background and other checks. Similar process applies to a surrogate, who also has to submit her medical records and be medically cleared by her OB. The surrogate must have carried, delivered naturally and be raising at least one child of her own. Once the checks are completed and the family and surrogate meet, they have to make sure it’s a good personal match, that it’s a good fit. There is always a need for surrogates, for women who enjoy pregnancy and have had healthy uncomplicated pregnancy and deliveries. There are a lot of intended parents who are waiting to be matched. It’s a wonderful thing to do to match somebody but also for the surrogate to help herself and her own family with the compensation. We consider it a win/win. It’s not just financial, it is something very rewarding.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)
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